Jason Halek Innovative Techniques Good For Environment

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Jason Halek has long been known for his unwavering drive for excellence, and he has brought this passion to Halek Energy Partners in the form of developing new drilling techniques. While many of the drilling processes currently used by others result in substantial reserves being untapped from conventional drilling practices, Jason Halek helped develop new drilling techniques that allow Halek Energy Partners to recover the reserves others leave behind.

Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners developed the new process by working closely with various geologists, engineers, and other industry professionals. The reason that Jason Halek helped develop this new process is simple: the more reserves that can be removed from a site, the less sites are needed to capture the reserves. This results in incredible cost-cutting savings, and also reduces the environmental impact of having too many drilling sites in operation.

As more cities begin to put restrictions on the number of wells that can be drilled in any given area, Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners have worked tirelessly to ensure that any sites they operate will be used to full advantage. “We will never quit,” Mr. Halek states, “until we have the best wells with the highest production numbers and the highest recovery factors in every country, every county, and every state in which we do business.”

This drive to combine efficiency with concern for the environment is just one reason that Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners are at the forefront of drilling innovation.

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